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Whether you need a two year old 8 colour
Speedmaster or a 20 year GTO, you can rely on us. Hundreds of printers already do!

Graphic Trading was established in 1987. Our mission is to find the very best printing machines available and to supply them at reasonable prices to our growing number of customers throughout the world.Scandinavian printers are famous for
maintaining their presses to the highest standard both technically and optically, and as a result, a uses machine from
Scandinavia tends to give excellent service for many years, offering both reliability and high quality printing wherever they are exported in the world.
Graphic Trading has the printing and
technical expertise necessary to ensure that we sell only those presses that come up to the highest standard. All our machines are tested extensively before offer and delivery and in that way we can guarantee that the press you receive will more than meet your expectations.
Over the years we have built up excellent relationships of trust with printers throughout Scandinavia; they know they can rely on us to sell their machinery quickly, smoothly and at a fair price. Our success is based on consultation and partnership with our clients be they those from who we buy machines or those to whom we sell them.We are experts in all export procedures and can offer advice on insurance, transaction funding, shipping, and everything necessary to ensure that the press you select arrives in top condition at your print shop, whether it be in the Americas, Europe, Asia our Australia. Are you interested in a new machine? Or do you have an old one you like to sell?

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